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    Donator Zone!


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    Donator Zone!

    Post  Bobby on Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:37 am

    Hello everyone, today (1/29/2011) I have created the Donator Zone! It took me 2 Hours to complete by myself. It has a range of options that normal players don't have much access to like...

    1. Brewing Stands
    2. Avaiable Potion Bottles (Open to all Donators)
    3. Diamond Shops!
    4. Enchanting Table (Any Weapon can be enchanted)

    To get access to the Donator Zone you must donate at least $10.00 through paypal, BUT the offer isn't done yet!

    With a donation of at least $10.00 you get ]Donator] Added next to your name!

    Jump on this offer while it lasts. Smile

    Thanks, Bobby.

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